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TubeMonster is a Millions of gTLD, ccTLD website Embeds Generator Desktop Software For Youtube Video SEO. It will help you create millions of YouTube Video Embeds very quickly and help you to rank YouTube videos quickly on YouTube And other search engines. This software was specially developed for YouTubers making their career on YouTube faster. This software also does the search engine ping for the quick indexing of backlinks, which helps you to rank on YouTube and other search engines quickly. You can also make some extra money by selling those backlinks on different marketplaces.

Video Guide

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How it Works?

This software will generate 10 Millions embeds for YouTube Videos on gTLD, ccTLD websites very Faster and effective way and it will also do the search engine ping for the indexing.

Why Use this Software?

This Software will save your time to do promotions on millions of websites and generating embeds. Most of the people don't know YouTube gives the high priority those video witch shared a lot of times on different website and blog. And those posts will be indexed very faster. This is the plus point for the promotion and those backlinks will give high priority everywhere.

Generate Embeds and Backlinks:
1 10 Millions Embeds Generate in One Click
2 Build High Quality SEO Embeds For your videos or clints Videos
3 Generate Offline and Online Embeds Report
4 Improve Your Video SEO Quickly
5 Ping URLs through PINGOMATIC

About The Software

This software was specially developed for YouTubers to save their time and money to generating the backlink for their youtube video ranking and promotion purposes. This software will generate backlinks quickly and you can also earn money by selling these software backlinks on different marketplace and earn extra money. This is monthly subscription software, you have to renew it every month to use this software.


Before doing the installation make sure your system and internet are working perfectly, and you can do all the next tasks perfectly.

System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
  • 1 CORE CPU
  • 1 GB Ram
  • NO proxy or VPN required
Supported Operating Systems:
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019

Download And Update

Download the latest vertion of our our software to get more better parformance and latest fetures.

Version Download Links Release Date SHA256sum
v1.β Download 1 Aug 2021 Not Public
2.0.1 Download 1 Nov 2021 4687547ba24e959fd643916d8c16fd0a886a0b444bd83926ccb6b69dea7db29e
3.0.1 Download 9 Nov 2021 f057b4ce849bef6a7c93b00f39ab094c5783bdbec574eeee0a1cef8d811d12cb
3.0.2 Download 19 Nov 2021 d89862d652775c7fbc285b3269e15c6effe754441ccdedd1a49cbd2a39f602ed
3.0.3 Download 5 Dec 2021 26c3ace8344eec7c3f1b883a2693be742db8b36ee21243676ba4f1d681114848
3.0.4 Download 7 Mar 2022 dd48a7a263946e76d7c86eaecd64d2c5407c6e8fe164d7213cbbb2a8358e15ba


You can simply install this software as you install other windows software before. you can watch the video or follow the guide to bring the installation process.

License Information

Before doing anything else you have to validate your license. if you don't have any license key you can simply purchase it from here and you can watch the video to insert your license key on your software or follow the guide.

You can see your encrypted license key on the licence page (IMG 11) and also you can see your licence activation date (IMG 12) and also the licence expiry date (IMG 13).

Video Guide

Instruction Images

Insert Your Licence Key

You can simply Insert/Update your Licence Key to do that you watch the video or follow the guide. Read License Agreement

To insert the licence key open your software and click on the licence menu icon and open the licencing dialogue (IMG 1).

Click on "Insert Licence" button (IMG 2) to insert the licence key, you will see a popup digolg (IMG 3) to insert the licence key. Insert your licence key (IMG 4) and click "OK" (IMG 5)

NOTE: If you are using our software/ licence key first time then you have to provide some information to activate the licence key after complete the process your licence will be activated and you don't have to provide the information next times when you are using this software. (IMG 6) (IMG 7) (IMG 8)

After Complete all the step you will see the congratulations Message with your given information. (IMG 9). click "OK" to continue

Update License Key

By clicking the "Update Licence" Button (IMG 14) you will get a popup to insert a new licence key and you can insert your new licence key.

Renew License Key

By clicking the "Renew Licence" Button (IMG 15) you can renew your licence directly.

License Error Details

We didn't found any bugs in this update, if you found any bugs and you have solved it on isn't solved email the bugs information with a video on [email protected]

Generate Backlink

Fast you have to open the software and click on the submit icon on the left side of the menu (IMG 1). You do the submission by adding your title, keywords, and the video id and just doing some small steps and you can also generate online and offline reports for your/clients. you can also watch the video here

Video Guide

Instruction Images

Set The Title

You can set the title from the title section of your software (IMG 2). The best Practice to set the title is "Set your Title Under 30-40 characters" and make is very simple

Set The Keyword

You can set the Keyword from the Keyword section of your software (IMG 3). The best Practice to set the Keyword is "Set your Keyword Under 20-30 characters" and add only 1 keyword.

Set The Video ID

You can set the Video ID from the Video ID section of your software (IMG 4). You can find the video id from the youtube video URL and it's after the "v="

Do The Submission

After adding the title, keyword, and the video id the "START" button will be enabled (IMG 5). And you can do the submission and it will take some time to complete all of the processes.

Stop/ Reset

You can stop the process by clicking the "Stop/ Reset" button. And also clearing the Title, Keyword, and Video ID texts (IMG 6).

Important: Please Do not use any emoji on the title and keywords on this software if you do that then your software is unabele to genarate embeds for you. (IMG 2) (IMG 3) (IMG 4)

Generate Report

Section intro goes here. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Quisque finibus condimentum nisl id vulputate. Praesent aliquet varius eros interdum suscipit. Donec eu purus sed nibh convallis bibendum quis vitae turpis. Duis vestibulum diam lorem, vitae dapibus nibh facilisis a. Fusce in malesuada odio.

Generate Online Report

After clicking on the "START" Button wait some time and you will see a popup message for the Online Report you can click yes to get the Report Online or you can use the advance section to create or view the online report.

Generate Offline Report

After clicking on the "START" Button wait some time and you will see another popup message for the Offline Report you can click yes to get the Report on your Desktop or you can use the advance section to create or view the online report.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We will add our most common question to this list and you will get the answer also..


If you are seeing anything missing on your computer then you can download the necessary file from the list below..

Download The Required File From the list

File Name Download Links
NETFramework Version=v4.7.2 Download

Error List

You Can see all of the common Errosr and the solution on here if you do not find your errors on hear please make a quote on our communuity and report a bugs we will send you the solution asap.

Solution Of the Error (X97TMDTL001)

X97TMDTL001 Error Details

This is a internet connection error if you see this error check your internet connection. if your internet is working and you are getting this error that means your device is connected with proxy server to fix it please follow this video